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"Our work is done when our clients are  achieving their business challenges."




AND THE GARDENERS/GOD OF NETWORKING is a boutique communication agency with a big bite. A team of highly skilled PRs, we have more than 25 years of combined experience in communicating for a broad range of industries including, but not limited to live entertainment, automotive, luxury, fashion, healthcare, charity.

"Your success

depends on you.

But we can play a huge part in it."

Make your INVESTMENT return as a boomerang by letting PR shape your story into a more relevant and attention-worthy one. We come with a twist - in the actual world of cross-channel integration we blend communication consultancy, digital know-how, brand strategy and creative content to successfully deliver campaigns across multiple channels. We find the right mix to reuse or repurpose your content for different platforms, to reach your target audience and make your consumers take action! That’s how your story catches wings.

"We’re proficient, diligent and we possess the high-end capabilities."

A-La-Carte Public Relations Services

We offer a-la-carte public relations services for a variety of clients whose media goals have a deadline. 

  • Special events;

  • Product launches;

  • New hires;

  • Awards & recognitions submissions;

  • Mergers & acquisitions;

​We may amaze our clients with bright ideas, flawless presentations and novel concepts.

Our collective experience includes high profile launches, crisis communication as well as high-impact media relations. We challenge frontiers, create connections, and act as a relentless force when meeting and exceeding PR objectives.

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