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Best MCs take the mike at Red Bull re:VERS!

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Romania, we demand your MCs! But not just any kind of MC. We want the ones that will make the crowd jump each time they battle! Because we already know that „Many speak, few rhyme, only the best improvise!”, Red Bull re:VERS throws down the gauntlet to freestylers from all over Romania and calls them to join the competition, between 26th of October and 2nd of November. Under Deliric’s magic wand, the great final will take place on the 19th of November, in a new format, exclusively online: great challenges, very cool rhymes, a whole lot of noise and twice more MCs in the arena! The jury: AFO, the improvisation master, DOC, the rhymes doctor and Ramona Dumitrescu (Virgin Radio) FM promotor of trap and hip hop music.

The second edition of Red Bull re:VERS doubles down the adrenaline dose, which is present at every great MC battle. In a format s 100% adaptated to 2020, this year’s show moves the battlefield online, from the preselection to the great final, and promises high level entertainment & thrill. On the 19th of November, 16 MCs will take the mic and show off their lyrical muscles: their improvising skills, their vibe, creativity as well as their flow. The jury will mind the theme of the show - the contestants must include lines that touch upon certain subjects, as well as the value of the improvisation. In rounds of 60 & 120 seconds, the contestants will try to knock-out their opponent with their freestyle. The jury will decide the winner of every round, which will go on into the next round. Contestants: PIETONU’, the winner of the first edition of Red Bull re:VERS, along with OLINIUTZA, CHOB, BRELOC, XANDER, ZEHA, MCxWOODIE and Gemini Jaxx, all of them with MC battles black belts. Another 8 MCs will be selected after the preselection between 26th of October and 2nd of November.

In 2019, for the first edition of Red Bull re:VERSE @ “Expirat” club, 8 of the best MCs of the moment battled in a sold-out show. PIETONU’ was the great winner of the competition: not one, but three extra rounds were added to the show at public demand’s in order to declare him No. 1. OLINIUTZA, his rival in the 2019 final, wanted to get revenge in spring, but our champion gave his best and managed to beat him the second time.

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