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Pro-bono coaching for business and healthcare professionals: WE CARE ABOUT YOU

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

The International Coaching Federation Romania (ICF) has launched the WE CARE ABOUT YOU initiative, a month of pro-bono coaching for business people and healthcare professionals looking for clarity and balance in times of crisis. 15 experts in crisis management, global coaching leaders, prestigious national and international coaching schools and over 80 of the best coaching experts in Romania collaborate under the auspices of the NGO ICF, providing support through 700 individual online professional coaching sessions and 15 webinars, all free. Registrations on the website

Anda Suta, President of ICF Romania: “Health and economic recovery are strategic priorities in this time of crisis. And we, the coaching specialists, tend to consider and approach the crisis as an opportunity and a good moment of evolution. With three out of ten Romanian companies currently in the risk zone, we are going through a moment of uncertainty and volatility. In the corporate and entrepreneurial environment, financial pressures may be compounded by some infinitely more complicated, strategic, rethinking and reinventing the business in record time. It is useful for managers to increasingly strengthen their critical behavior and management skills. In the health system, we have tens of thousands of front-line medical staff who these days must show balance, clarity, emotional intelligence, in conditions of stress or exhaustion difficult to imagine. For those with managerial positions are tested to the maximum their leadership skills and agility in crisis situations. Now, more than in normal times, it is a time when coaching, a creative process of stimulating thinking and maximizing personal and professional potential, can make a difference. Until May 22, you are welcome to try to find your answers with ICF experts. We believe that community spirit and actions together can make a significant contribution to our balance. We thank all those who donate valuable time and expertise in this project. And we are grateful for some of the industry's leading names in this initiative, such as Alain Cardon, Wendy Palmer, Andrea Cardillo and their prestigious Metasysteme coaching and leadership schools, TPC Leadership and Leadership Embodiment. They are true sources of inspiration and models in managing moments of uncertainty and stress, working with the leaders of the top 50 companies in the world and in Romania.

Mioara Soldan, Vice President of ICF Romania: “Within the WE CARE ABOUT YOU initiative we also have peer to peer modules dedicated to industry colleagues, coaching practitioners who support as well the needs of tens and dozens of clients. We want to support the entire coaching community in Romania with the resources it needs in this tumultuous period: peer coaching and supervision sessions, webinars on adapting to the current context. ICF's mission is to actively contribute to the continuous development of the skills of members of the local community. In the current context, we have chosen to extend this year the International Coaching Week (traditionally held between May 4-10) to one month. Globally, International Coaching Week celebrates our profession and the impact that coaching has on society by offering pro-bono sessions.”

WE CARE ABOUT YOU is an online program. Registrations for the coaching sessions are made on the official ICF Romania website Each participant can benefit from 2 coaching sessions with one of the selected experts and from 15 webinars of a high professional quality.

The International Coaching Federation Romania (ICF) is a non-profit organization that promotes the development of the art, science and practice of professional coaching in Romania. In today's busy world, more and more companies, organizations and individuals are turning to professional coaching to increase their efficiency, build relationships and achieve their goals. ICF's role is to inform and educate the Romanian public about the standards and practice at the highest level of the coaching profession, as well as the code of ethics. ICF is the largest global resource for professional coaching.

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