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Mechanic of the Year 2023: registrations start now!

A close battle between the most skilled auto repairers from Romania: registrations for the national contest “Mechanic of the year” are starting! The competition lasts almost 2 months. Out of thousands of competitors from all over the country, only elites reach the finals, which will take place in Cluj-Napoca on November 18. They fight with all their weapons for the title and the grand prize of the competition, a Hyundai newi10. The registration are open until november 3 on the competition’s oficial website, The event is orgnanized by AD Auto Total.

  • The contest is both for the essential workers in car services and for amateurs

  • 4 categories: mechanics, diagnosis, vulcanisation or car painting. 2 months of theoretical and practical tests

  • The finals is an incendiary live show whose climax is the diagnosis test: 2 identical cars on the stage with the same defect have to be repaired in a race against the clock

  • The one who starts first the engine wins the title of “Mechanic of the Year” and goes home with the car he repaired

  • Over 16,000 craftsmen from all over the country tried their luck in the 11 previous editions of the competition, representing almost 400 services.

Gabriel Zane, Director Marketing, AD AUTO TOTAL: “AD AUTO TOTAL, leader of the auto pieces distribution market in Romania, for over a quarter of a century it has been supporting professionals in the auto repair industry who excel in what they do. We also encourage young people passionate about the automotive field to follow the trades in this direction and develop the necessary professional skills. This year at the 12th edition of the Year Competition in collaboration with our partners, top supplies of auto pieces, we offer prizes worth over 31,000 euro, equipments and classes. If you are ready and you think you can become the next champion of the auto repair industry we invite you to apply on the until November 3.

How does the contest work?

  • First phase (September 21 – November 3) consists of an online test: 45 questions in 60 minutes (mechanics and diagnosis), 20 questions in 20 minutes (car painting) and 30 questions in 45 minutes (vulcanisation).

  • Second phase is only for the sections Car Painting, Mechanics and Diagnosis (November 18). The best 2 contestants from first vulcanisation stage qualify directly for the final in Cluj. The second phase at the Car painting is represented by a practical test in a car service.

  • The third phase is also the most spectacular. It will take place in Cluj-Napoca, in the Wonderland Complex on November 18.

The full regulation is available on the website.

Adrian Sandu, winner of the Mechanic of the year 2022, diagnosis section 2022: “I recommend to all those who work in the field of auto repairs and feel ready to sing up for the contest to try to win competing with colleagues in the trade from all over the country. For me it’s the supreme crowning of so many days and nights of question and searches to find out what is the cause that led to the appearance of the defect and what is the best solution.”

Bege Hunor, winner of the Mechanic of the Year 2022, mechanics section 2022: “I received recognition from clients, family and friends, which is the greatest satisfaction for me. Personally, I can recommend to all those who deal with the repair of vehicles to participate in such contests, even if they don’t end up winning. The experience, the conversations with the colleagues from different corner of the country, strengthening relationships with professionals and new friendships are already some gains. I think that those who are passionate about cars easily can find common interests at such a contest and can develop constructive discussions and more. Without participating you cannot win.”

Viorel Diaconescu, winner of the Mechanic of the year 2022, Car Painting section: “The contest can be a promotion in this job, especially for the youth, for being motivate enough to have a job in life. In my case, this prize is the biggest distinction and it made me have more confidence in myself”.

Petru Zuga, winner Mechanic of the Year 2022, vulcanisation section: “After this competition, my colleagues praised and appreciated me, my customers started to see me better than before... I find it an interesting experience, it's a way to see where you stand and how you can evolve, for those who want to."

The competition judges is made up of trainers from the AD AUTO TOTAL AUTO ACADEMY, professionals who have thousands of hours of training provided to mechanics and diagnosticians from all over Romania, and who specialise trainers from all over Europe.

The 2023 Mechanic of the Year is an event supported by Bosch, Mann Filter, Castrol, Valvoline, Hengst, Varta, Ate and MEYLE.

The battle of the best mechanics' skills and expertise can be followed in full on the official AD Auto Total and Mechanic of the Year Facebook pages.

AD AUTO TOTAL was born out of passion and dedication for the automotive field, with 100% Romanian capital. Benefiting from a fast, high-density distribution network, with continuous international presence and expansion, AD AUTO TOTAL is one of the leading importers and distributors of auto parts in Romania.

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