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Big Bang: Red Bull SoundClash is back! Irina Rimes vs. Spike

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Be there or be square on May 13, at Romexpo!

Two face-to-face stages, 4 heavy weight rounds, sound strictly measured by the decibelmeter of the competition so that no applause is left behind: on May 13, Spike and Irina Rimes ask ALL their fans for ALL theirs applauses or nothing!

A chameleon artist, from music to look, Irina is in a constant search for the next challenge. Her songs, inspired by her own personal feelings and experiences, such as "What happened to us" and "You don't know how to be a man", approach love, rediscovery and evolution through a sensitive, assumed vulnerable register.

Since 2002, Spike has called spade a spade, and the thick touches of satire of hits like"Manele" or "Zeu" has brought him first places in the radio charts. Direct, cerebral and assumed, Spike sings, writes and directs, trying to change things in the current society, urging us to reflect on the ways in which we could all do that.

Even though Irina Rimes and Spike have urban musical intersections, the two artists come essentially from different lyrical universes. Irina is one of the most appreciated pop artists of the moment, and her universal themes manage to resonate with sensibilities of different generations of fans.

Red Bull SoundClash breaks the patterns of a regular concert; it's much more than that. It's pure adrenaline, it's the unison vibration of the audience with the sparks between the two stages. It's the place where loyalty to your music idol can be questioned by your opponent's WOW performance.

For 16 years, Red Bull SoundClash has bought to music fans artistic duels with an enormous emotional stake. The first edition took place in the Netherlands, and since then it has traveled around the world on five continents, in over 50 duels.

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