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Companies may now consider increasing employee productivity through psychotherapy

Updated: May 10, 2022

Over 20% of big Romanian companies currently invest budgets in specialised aid for the management of burnout syndrome. World Health Organization (WHO) statistics show that, following psychotherapy sessions, employee productivity increases by almost 36%, providing though a 4 times investment return 4. This is why online therapy platform Hedepy is organising its first international conference targeting the benefits of offering wellness therapy sessions to employees. The event takes place online, on March 27, from 9:00. Speakers: Bogdan Badea, General Manager of eJobs (Romania), Tomáš Šebek, Founder of uLékař, Online Health Consulting Platform (Czech Republic), Petra Hrušková, Global Manager for Employee Welfare at Red Hat (Czech Republic), Lukáš Krčil, CEO Hedepy (Czech Republic) and Agnieszka Zakłada (Poland), human resources specialist. Participation is free, based on previous online registration:

Implemented wellness programs can lead, on a case-by-case basis, to improving employees' quality of life, helping them to better manage stress, anxiety, and improve their communication and leadership skills. Through better management of personal issues, professional life becomes even more active and organised. The benefits of implementing these programs are important: it increases employee productivity, employees are more motivated and involved, creates a positive and healthy job, reduces stress levels and eliminates the phenomenon of burnout (exhaustion) of employees.

Burnout is a state of mental, physical and emotional exhaustion caused by excessive long-term stress. Statistics from 2021 show that over 70% of Romanian employees say they have gone through at least one burnout episode in the last 5 years, and over 50% say they have gone through several. Over 30% of employees admit that their exhaustion was caused by a very high volume of work. On the other hand, over 80% of employees say they have not received help from their employer to get over this condition and only 5% say they have been helped by the company they work for.

Corporate therapies currently account for over 15% of all online therapy sessions on the Hedepy platform in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Italy and Romania, and interest is growing. "Our goal is to support this trend, because we believe that caring for employees' psychological well-being not only demonstrates care from companies, but ultimately pays off, is reflected in productivity," said Lukáš Krčil, CEO of Hedepy. Globally, more than 30 multinational companies run wellbeing programs through the Hedepy platform.

Time-table: Bogdan Badea, General Manager of eJobs, Romania - the changes that companies should make in the context of the work environment. Tomáš Šebek, founder of uLékař, Czech Republic - why the prevention of physical and mental health problems is the key to success, both personally and commercially. Petra Hrušková, Global Manager for Employee Wellbeing in Red Hat, Czech Republic - how companies can implement wellbeing programs as easily as possible. Lukáš Krčil, CEO Hedepy, Czech Republic - increasing productivity in companies through psychotherapy. Agnieszka Zakłada, HR specialist, Poland - steps to follow in implementing a wellbeing program within a company. Presentations will take place in English. is an online therapy platform, whose goal is to ease the way to psychotherapy, with over 160 affiliated psychotherapists today from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Italy and Romania. Launched in 2020, the Hedepy platform recorded over 13,000 online sessions last year and is set to enter two more foreign markets in the first half of this year.

eJobs is the first online recruitment platform in Romania, created out of the desire to modernize the classic recruitment methods and to facilitate the employee-employer relationship. is an online medical platform in the Czech Republic, with over 350 affiliated doctors with different specializations, which offers consultations 24 hours a day, out of the desire to make access to medical services easier and faster. The services are both reimbursed by the Insurance House, paid individually or insured by the employer.

Red Hat is the world's leading provider of open source software solutions, using a community-based approach to reliable, high-performance technologies.

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