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He is the best mechanic in Romania

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

A 31-year-old man from Cluj was named the best mechanic in Romania in the final of the prestigious Mechanic of the Year competition, 2019 edition! This weekend, Endre Juhasz won this title. More than 100 car mechanics and diagnosticians from across the country battled for a podium finish. In the diagnosis section, Juhasz came first, and went home with the trophy, the new Fiat Tipo. In the mechanical section, the 2000 EURO prize was won by Toth Ferenc from Oradea. More than 1,650 craftsmen entered the race this year to prove their skills. An event organized by AD Auto Total with the support of Bosch, Castrol and Mann Filter.

He was preparing to go on holiday with his wife to Cyprus to celebrate an important moment in the life of any young family: the announcement of their first child. But Endre Juhasz thought about trying his luck at the Mechanic of the Year first, and went home with a new car! Although neither of the two finalists managed to give the audience the long-awaited sound of the engine running, Juhasz was the one who came closest to the correct technical path for solving the subject (identifying and fixing the fuel pump wiring). The final test involved that, the last two best ranked in the competition to identify the defects of 2 identical cars, the one who managed to start it first by winning the trophy. 

From a simple passion that came from the pleasure of analyzing and undoing mechanical and electrical mechanisms, Juhasz decided to pursue a career in the automotive field when he opted for college, although initially he wanted to be ... a doctor. And since then, he hasn't stopped. The young man born in Miercurea Ciuc, but moved to Cluj, has been doing this for almost 10 years. Today, he is an internationally accredited diagnostic and service technician, HVT (High Voltage Technician) in the VAG group. "I came to the Mechanic of the Year for the first time last year and even though I didn't win, I was pleasantly surprised by the organization. This year I came with the idea to try, to see what happens. It didn't seem very difficult to me, but the stress and emotions confused me a bit. I've never done this in front of hundreds of people. But, in general, if I run into a problem, it doesn't matter how long it takes, I don't stop until I run into it!” said the winner, admitting that it was the stubbornness that helped him move on in times of high tension." If I were to give advice to young people who are thinking of entering the same field, I would tell them that in addition to their passion for cars and mechanical and electronic elements, you need curiosity. A lot. If you get involved, you win. If not, no.” added Juhasz.

In the AUTO MECHANICS section, after the written test, two finalists had to perform the same mechanical operation at the same time. Toth Ferenc from Oradea managed to replace the clutch on a DSG gearbox, falling within the limit in the minutes provided.

"This year's edition focused on the technical side. The questions were complex, the examination was in a new form and there were more eliminatory stages. The labor market in the car industry is in a great shortage of staff, and this competition gives confidence to all participants, even if they are not winners. The winners of the past years always tell us that after the competition they see things differently and are recognized in the industry "says Ionut Ion, member of the jury and trainer of the AD AUTO TOTAL ACADEMY. Along with him, the jury included trainers - Adrian Ilinescu, Cristian Ilie and Cristian Nunwailer, professionals who have thousands of hours of training provided to mechanics and diagnosticians from all over the country, and who also specialize in trainers from Bulgaria, Great Britain or Ireland. Six of the winners of the previous editions of the Mechanic of the Year contest also withdrew the emotions of the contest, this time as referees.

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