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Emanuel Mirea launches "Unu Amandoi"

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

He started from ,, Jumatate tu, jumatate eu”, so that almost 20 years later he would understand the power of the ENTIRE: Emanuel Mirea Closes the circle with his new single "Unu Amandoi", a challenge in dance steps that he throws to those who live life to the fullest and love.

Emanuel Mirea launches a new single full of energy, accompanied by a tailor-made video: Unu Amandoi. A radio-friendly, tonic song that combines Caribbean influences with pop rhythms, and reminds you that summer has been left on earth to give mortals the opportunity to live unforgettable experiences. Fresh as a cool sparkling wine with a frivolous temperament, but acidic enough to make you jump to your feet and dance.

The music was composed in collaboration with Mircea Pavilcu and the lyrics are written by me. Unu Amandoi is a optimistic love song - the joy of music comes from the good place I am now, in my life. A place where I feel fulfilled and present, as it has not happened to me for a long time. Love is lived, the mind does not know how to love, that is its limit. But the soul, in its state of connection, knows: love happens the moment we access this knowledge. When two people discover reality beyond appearances, you get to the essence. Hence the idea of one and both: in reality they are all one. We are all one. There is no particle that exists in solitude, no consciousness that lives alone, we live in a permanent interconnection "says Emanuel.

One of them is an independent production. The video is signed by the couple of directors Isabella Szanto and Bogdan Zamonea. Their portfolio includes collaborations with names in the music industry such as Irina Rimes, Zdob and Zdub, Raluka, Olivia Addams, Dorian Popa, Seredinschi, What's Up.

The story of the clip focuses on the actors Anda Sarbei (the series" Vlad "and Las Fierbinti, Box 21) and Alin Popa (The Game, Red Dot and the video for the song Versus - The Motans). The clip has a festival atmosphere, it takes us back in time without worries in which we dance, hug and laugh without realizing how much we will miss these things today: the energy that surrounds you from all sides and that it is born of movement, of music, of the embraces of the multitude of people united in a single vibration. I was filmed from a fire last autumn and I hope it will be the antidote to the heavy shadow of social distance that has been trying our psyche lately ", adds the artist.

Music producer and singer-songwriter, Emanuel Mirea ended 2019 with the release of the single "Să facem viața mai rotundă", a warm, intimate song that speaks, with vulnerability and candor, about the simple joys of life. The artist has in his portfolio 4 albums in the formula Stigma ("Atât de real", "Nu e vina ta", "Hotel de mii de stele", "Best of – Iubește-mă", and two other solos "" Emanuel "," "Somerio"), hit hits like "Jumătate tu, jumătate eu", "Zi-mi noapte bună", "Bye-Bye", "Fraier", "Pentru amândoi", "Nu te pot ierta", "Ye, ye, ye ” and “ Floare de mai ”, a series of awards and nominations - Nemira Award for Best Musical Text Written in English (1996), Special Jury Prize for Composition - Mamaia Festival (2006), and 2 In the years when he was absent from the eyes of the Romanian public, Emanuel went to Canada, where he studied sound design and post-production for television and film at Columbia Academy - Vancouver BC, and after returning in the country he was a resident with his own cover band, Emanuel Mirea Band, at True Club (Bucharest).

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