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Bringing castles back to life: Flowers at the castle

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

A florist designer promotes forgotten Romanian castles by dresssing them in flowers. A project started during the pandemics, Flowers at the castle evolved into a docu series which promotes cultural material heritage in a way nobody thought of.

Helped by her family and dozens of friends and volunteers, Cristina Moldovan launched in an Youtube adventure where she dresses forgotten castles in stories ilustrated with unique floral creations worth thousands of euros. With carefully selected flower petals: lisianthus, delphinium, natural flowers, conserved or criogenated from small local greenhouses or imported, Cristina Moldovan sews the stories of these arhitectural jewels.

Flowers at the castle, episode 1, talks about the tragic love story which gave birth to the Calendar Castle (Zau de Câmpie, Mureș) whose 12 entrances simbolize the months of the year and 365 windows simbolize the days never got the chance to welcome the Romanov heir for whom the barron Istvan Ugron, the ex-ambassador of the Austro-Hungarian Empire at the tzar’s court, built this castle. Episode 2 takes us to Tara Hategului, the place Jules Verne visited during his incognito trip to Romania’s Colt castle (Rau de Mori, Hunedoara). The visit gave birth to the novel „The castle from the Carpathians”, which was sold in milions of copies worldwide.

The 3rd episode, “Flowers at the healing castle” tells the story of the Radak-Pekri, situated in Ozd, Mures, the place where people who suffer from great addictions miraculously heal.

The 4th episode, “Flowers at the gold mines castle” shows us the beautiful Pocol castle from Baia Mare and tells its complicated story.

The florist designer sais that she will continue the docu-series whith more episodes about Romanian and international castles that the mass public does not know about.

For every episode, almost 30 romanian actors, photographers and videographers coordinated by Cristina play, decorate, ilustrate and write scripts in order to bring to Youtube the legend of each and every castle in a floral key. „Flowers are life, and the project wants to bring to life fabulous arhitectural designs that are sadly abandoned” says the designer which suported this project from personal funds and donations. „We want this project to generate positive reactions and, together with the autorithies, to find solutions to help these beautiful places full of history. We want to work in the service of a country that can be promovated in a fun, different and creative way”.

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