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Hedepy secures EUR 1.2 M investment, expands to 3 other countries, including Ukraine

The online therapy platform Hedepy attracted an investment of EUR 1.2 million in April, with which it will expand its services to Greece, Hungary and Ukraine and streamline and develop the technology behind the platform. The initial investment round was attended by both existing investors and new partners, including Purple Ventures, Nation 1 and RSJ. The value of the company rose sharply to EUR 10 million.

One-sixth of Romania’s population was affected by emotional health problems in 2020, but more than half of them did not seek specialised help. aims to change this.

“We are constantly working to expand the benefits of online therapy, to make it more accessible to a larger number of people. Help should reach those in need as quickly as possible, in the comfort of their own home, ideally in minutes. Thanks to the recent investment, we can take a step closer to our vision. We are very grateful that investors are increasingly supporting significant projects that not only create financial value but also have a social impact,” says Roman Zámečník, Chief Marketing Officer Hedepy.

The Hedepy platform has quickly become the market leader in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania, where it holds over 40% of the market, and is currently present in Italy, Poland, Greece, Hungary and Ukraine. In the current round of investments, its value exceeded EUR 10 million. Currently, the platform is growing by 30% month-on-month, and the number of sessions has increased from 700 to over 3,000 per month in the last year. In the near future, Hedepy will already offer psychological help in 8 European countries, thanks to its 250 affiliated therapists and an administrative team of 25 people.

The original plan was to expand the service to Greece and Hungary, but given the current events in Ukraine, the founders decided to help there as well. “In Ukraine, we are also creating a foundation through which we will raise aid for those who cannot afford sessions with a therapist. In time, we will extend this aid not only to those affected by the war, but to those in need in all the countries where we operate,” said Lukáš Krčil, CEO of Hedepy.

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