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Double premiere: CAR MECHANICS DAY, celebrated with Radu Palanita's first live concert

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Bucharest, June 29 - Tomorrow, we mark in the calendar, for the first time in Romania, the DAY OF CAR MECHANICS! A tribute to the passion and dedication with which the craftsmen of the automotive industry take care, day by day, of the safety and comfort of those behind the wheel. The anniversary will be marked by a special show: Radu Palanita, the winner of the "Romanians have talent" 2020 competition, dedicates his first concert to his colleagues. The concert will be broadcast live on Facebook, on June 30, from 20:00. The AUTO MECHANICS DAY event is a registered trademark of AD AUTO TOTAL.

AD AUTO TOTAL launches for the first time in Romania CAR MECHANICS DAY, as a sign of solidarity, gratitude and respect for the craftsmen who ensure that, every day, drivers drive safely: even in the quarantine months, for their effort to keep up with the new technologies in the automotive field in constant evolution, we mark from now on, with hope for the future, the date of June 30 in the calendar and we dedicate it to them "says Gabriel Zane, Marketing Director, AD AUTO TOTAL. "It's a holiday that we want to turn into a tradition and celebrate it every year from now on. It is, in a way, our way of thanking the whole guild for the devotion with which they remained in office during the difficult months that we went through and continue to go through, ensuring the mobility of all. Dear drivers, take advantage of this day to say to your driver: Thank you! ”

After winning the hearts of the public in the final of the tenth season "Romanians have talent", the golden voice mechanic Radu Palanita has another dream come true: his first concert with ok acts, with a live band (Joy Band ), a special event dedicated to his colleagues. The show, which will include covers from the repertoires of famous artists, will be broadcast on Facebook from a car service in Bucharest.

Radu Palanita: “It is my first concert, complete, with a band and I am happy to sing for and in honor of my industry. My history with the car mechanics area is relatively simple: I took over the baton from my father who also deals with this. I wholeheartedly want a musical career that I hope will take off - I am also preparing my own song in the future, I want the lyrics to be written by me - but until then I will go in parallel with the two fields. The job stays there, no one takes it from me. For their birthday, I wish all the mechanics a lot of patience, in this job you really need a lot of precision, wisdom and a sincere "Happy Birthday", as healthy as possible! It took a mechanic's day for such a big branch. "

According to a recent report by the Bureau of Motor Insurers, 12,660 car services were registered in Romania at the end of 2018. AD AUTO TOTAL was born out of passion and dedication for the automotive field, with 100% Romanian capital. Benefiting from a fast distribution network, with high density, with continuous presence and expansion at international level, AD AUTO TOTAL is one of the main importers and distributors of car parts in Romania.

The AUTO MECHANICS DAY event is a registered trademark of AD Auto Total.

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